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Review of My Chair 2016

During the four days of the exhibition, we received hundreds of guests. Customers who came to the exhibition gave us a high evaluation and appreciation of our product design this year.

The world is so big. Fortunately, there is a surprise conference of B2C BTS 4.0 new products and new business models.

The little surprise this time is: a small auction of Mori items. After bidding by many guests, in the end, the single item of Mori was sold at a decent price. Li Yue, general manager of the Bits brand, came to the stage to present a medal for the winner, and the two took a group photo.

Review of B2C Spring 2016

"Love one person and give one city, and each city only achieves one person first." In 2016, Bitx's platform policy was to develop only one customer experience hall in each city. The Experience Pavilion is the local business partner of BTS platform, and is the sole operator and beneficiary of the BTS business in the local area.

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