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German HOMAG CNC 3D machining center

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German HOMAG CNC 3D machining center:

Note: Through simple operations, you can observe the 3D machining results from various angles, so that you can understand the machining results more accurately and intuitively; you can quickly simulate the machining program, which can be completed in a very short time, and check at the same time Whether the processing program is wrong, the processing result is satisfactory, and the time required for the actual processing can be accurately calculated. The engraving software provides powerful graphics creation, editing, typesetting functions, accurate drawing and artistic drawing functions, and powerful word processing functions. It has a variety of artistic text arrangement effects of arbitrary curves, arbitrary adjustment and editing of font and size, powerful node editing functions, which can quickly and freely trim the shape of contours, and quickly generate the powerful function of 3D models from 2D graphics. Curves are constructed of artistic reliefs with complex artistic effects, complex curved surfaces, and the perfect combination of artistic reliefs and curved surface shapes, so that it can produce carved sculptures with complex shapes. It can also directly output two-dimensional and three-dimensional tool paths. The tool paths provide rough machining, Semi-finishing, finishing and tool path simulation.
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