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UV paint production coating line

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Product description
UV coating production line equipment photos and introduction

UV paint production coating line:

1. The UV coating production line uses professional UV paint. UV paint is different from PU paint, PE paint and NC paint commonly used by ordinary furniture companies. It is a truly green paint that does not contain any volatile substances. Products are green, healthy and environmentally friendly.
2. The UV paint film has a three-dimensional structure, high hardness, good abrasion resistance, and good transparency. Therefore, the products born in the UV coating production line are resistant to scratches and friction, and can withstand the test of time.
3. The mechanized equipment on the UV coating production line overcomes the human factors in manual operation, making the product color difference small and the quality stable.
4. In the UV coating production line, the harmful substances in the board are decomposed during the coating process and dried by an ultraviolet light curing machine to make the product healthier and environmentally friendly.
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