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German HOMAG automatic straight edge banding machine

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Product description
  A high-quality automatic straight edge banding machine, operated on the right hand side, can carry out complete edge banding. The feeding speed of 20 meters per minute (without tracking device) enables the machine to achieve the maximum production efficiency, sets a new standard for machine performance and processing quality, and is a perfect edge banding equipment to meet the needs of customers.
Comprehensive configuration, including:
  quick glue melting device and quick change device - glue box is set under the glue roller - glue roller is used for glue application. When the thickness of the workpiece changes, there is no need to adjust the glue roller - the direction of the glue roller rotates along the feeding direction of the plate (clockwise) - Electronic temperature regulator controls the hot melt glue temperature - automatically reduces the glue temperature when the processing is stopped
Plate preheating device: ensure the temperature and the best edge sealing effect after adhesive coating
Double vertical milling trimming device
High precision front and rear trimming device
Upper and lower finishing device
Up and down tracking rounding device: used for trimming of post forming and soft forming workpieces, and rounding of thick PVC edge banding strip
Trimming scraper device for PVC edge banding
Scraper scraping device: remove the adhesive residue from the upper part and the lower part
Polishing device: equipped with 2 motors for up and down polishing of edge banding strip
Control system EC 10 +: Bondi electronic control system with LCD display for easy operation and programming of equipment
Glue melting machine: glue machine capacity: 20 l (20 kg)
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