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Fully automatic multi axis six row drill

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   The water curtain water washing type dust remover is composed of air inlet pipe, water flowing plate, overflow tank, top spray pipe, exhaust pipe, water washing room, lower spray pipe, water storage tank, maintenance door, partition, valve and water pump. The air inlet pipe is a horizontal rectangular expansion pipe, which forms a closed dust removal and exhaust channel with the water washing chamber and exhaust pipe; under the water washing chamber is a water storage tank with valves, water pumps and water circulation pipes, the upper part of the water washing chamber is provided with an overflow tank and a top nozzle, the lower part of the overflow tank is connected with a water plate, and the lower part of the water plate is made into an arc-shaped bending plate. It is a new type of dust removal equipment which is used in sand blasting process. Its function is to send the dust containing tail gas preliminarily treated by the cyclone dust remover to the working area of the equipment through the fan for washing and filtering treatment, so that the tail gas discharged into the air can meet the national environmental protection standards, without the need for chimneys, safe and reliable, and easy to maintain.

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