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Note: Through simple operations, you can observe the 3D machining results from various angles, so that you can understand the machining results more accurately and intuitively; you can quickly simulate the machining program, which can be completed in a very short time, and check at the same time Whether the processing program is wrong, the processing result is satisfactory, and the time required for the actual processing can be accurately calculated.
The UV coating production line uses professional UV paint. UV paint is different from PU paint, PE paint and NC paint commonly used by ordinary furniture companies. It is a truly green paint that does not contain any volatile substances. Products are green, healthy and environmentally friendly.
Note: the processing size is 3800x3700mm, the maximum drawing height of the main saw is 95mm, the power of the main saw motor is 13.5KW, the forward speed of the main saw is 5-125m, min, the return speed of the main saw is 125m, min, the bevel cutting baffle can be additionally displayed for sawing at different angles, the ejector pin can be used to fix the position of the panel for sawing to prevent damage to the hanging fabric, the processing accuracy is 0.1mm, which is to ensure the cutting quality and Important equipment for efficiency.
A high-quality automatic straight edge banding machine, operated on the right hand side, can carry out complete edge banding. The feeding speed of 20 meters per minute (without tracking device) enables the machine to achieve the maximum production efficiency, sets a new standard for machine performance and processing quality, and is a perfect edge banding equipment to meet the needs of customers. Comprehensive configuration, including: – quick glue melting device and quick change device - glue box is set under the glue roller - glue roller is used for glue application. When the thickness of the workpiece changes, there is no need to adjust the glue roller - the direction of the glue roller rotates along the feeding direction of the plate (clockwise) - Electronic temperature regulator controls the hot melt glue temperature - automatically reduces the glue temperature when the processing is stopped Plate preheating device: ensure the temperature and the best edge sealing effect after adhesive coating Double vertical milling trimming device High precision front and rear trimming device Upper and lower finishing device Up and down tracking rounding device: used for trimming of post forming and soft forming workpieces, and rounding of thick PVC edge banding strip Trimming scraper device for PVC edge banding Scraper scraping device: remove the adhesive residue from the upper part and the lower part Polishing device: equipped with 2 motors for up and down polishing of edge banding strip Control system EC 10 +: Bondi electronic control system with LCD display for easy operation and programming of equipment Glue melting machine: glue machine capacity: 20 l (20 kg)
Central dust collection system (CVC): central dust collection is a new way of indoor cleaning. It is an integrated dust collection system composed of dust collection host, dust collection pipe network, dust collection socket, dust collection hose and brush head.
Grinding width 1600 mm, 2000 mm, 2300 mm and 2600 mm Our scheme provides ksa8 series, which can be equipped with up to 6 grinding units. A flexible modular system correction roll can be easily combined by cross and longitudinal sanding units. Therefore, this machine is suitable for calibration, veneer and paint grinding tasks. A powerful mechanical engineering, to ensure that the operation of vibration free or even greater grinding width. The machine is suitable for industrial three shift operation with high feed speed. In panel industry, special downward pressure system ensures safe transportation and accurate grinding on the whole workpiece surface.

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